The Church Must Repent!

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This is something that keeps coming to my mind the last few weeks. As I wrote earlier that I have been pro-life all of my life, but have never really engaged in the fight to end abortion. That is something I was forced to repent of when SB 5 failed in the Texas Senate and I realized how much of a fight the opposition was putting up. Yet, it is not enough for us to repent as individuals, though it must start there. We must repent join together and repent as a whole of our apathy.

We have thousands of babies slaughtered within walking distance and we rarely think about it. This must change. How do we call the Church to repentance? Not everyone can or should spend the amount of time focused on this as I do, but we all must do something. The Church must awaken.



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3 thoughts on “The Church Must Repent!

    1. I’m humble and encouraged by your comment. And I just want to say that I needed those words. To God be all the glory. I feel this is the only way I can give back to Him. By trying to live for GOD.


  1. When I read your blog the first Scripture that came to mind was, Rev. 2:5, which says: “Remember therefore from where you have fallen, repent and do the first works, or else I will come to you quickly and remove your lamp stand from its place-unless you repent.”


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