Waiting is not passivity or inactivity. Waiting is not killing time! In God’s book, waiting is never wasted time! When we are inactive or passive in our spiritual lives, we tend to drift in our commitment! Waiting is frequently a condition of high expectancy, infusing life with great energy, purpose, and love.

Joseph was forced to wait on the Lord, but while he waited, he got busy doing what he could! His good attitude and work ethic, resulted in promotion along the way! Observing this quality in Joseph, someone said, “When your dream seems to be placed on hold, get busy and help others with their dreams!”

Certainly God is not inactive when we are waiting. When you are waiting on God, most often He is working behind the scenes to put all the “missing pieces” in our lives in place, before He fulfills our desires or request…

Taken from: Sigoluhle Mandizha


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