Matthew 6:21
“For where your TREASURE is, there will your HEART be also”.

Jesus is simply saying, “WHERE is your treasure? THERE is your heart!”

Jesus speaks of MATERIAL POSSESSIONS as CAPTURING the HEART, NOT allowing one to be FREE to FOLLOW Him. So He CHALLENGES His disciples to REVEAL WHAT it is they REALLY VALUE, following HIM or being caught up in MATERIAL WEALTH.

WHAT is MOST IMPORTANT to you in your life?

The next sale, the next paycheck, the next vacation, the next party, the next relationship? If so, THAT is where your HEART will be FOCUSED. But if your treasure is JESUS CHRIST, He will be the FOCUS of your HEART.

You may claim that GOD is what is MOST IMPORTANT to you in your life, yet NEVER get round to spending TIME in PRAYER. Or, conversely, you may hold yourself in low esteem, but treat people with great kindness and be prepared to stand up for principles you care about.

When we give FALSE ANSWERS to our simple question, we not only MISS the opportunity to discover the TRUTH, we also REDUCE the possibility of being able to CHANGE and to GROW, because we THINK we have the TRUTH when we DO NOT! We give ourselves FALSE DIAGNOSES, and STOP ourselves from being HEALED.

Treasure that is of THIS WORLD is vulnerable to being lost, stolen, destroyed, or devalued. If that is our FOCUS, we will only experience FRUSTRATION.

If our hearts are drawn instead to the value of the ETERNAL — GODLY CHARACTER, RELATIONSHIPS, SOULS — we WON’T be DISAPPOINTED. We will become RICH in the things of Christ. And TREASURE in HEAVEN can NEVER be TAKEN AWAY!

Jesus expresses this URGENCY in terms of having your LAMPS READY for when the MASTER ARRIVES. One way of understanding this passage is to view it in terms of the IMPORTANCE of getting your VALUES SORTED OUT BEFORE you DIE or BEFORE JESUS COMES AGAIN. But you can ONLY do this if you can first give a TRUE ANSWER to our simple question.

However, our simple question is also HIGHLY RELEVANT to the HERE and NOW.

Throughout our lives we are presented with circumstances and opportunities which require that we make a CHOICE. And if we are to make GOOD CHOICES, we need to have GOOD VALUES, and this requires KNOWING what VALUES we have in reality.

Today’s gospel is therefore a GIFT to us. It is a gift because it CHALLENGES us to FACE UP to WHAT is in fact MOST IMPORTANT to us, and in so doing HOW IMPORTANT GOD REALLY is to US in our lives.

If we come to ANSWER TRUTHFULLY our simple question, ‘What is most important to you in your life?’ – we will have at least made a beginning to EVALUATING our lives, taken an IMPORTANT FIRST STEP to living AUTHENTICALLY and HONESTY.

Taken from Wise Virgins


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