Prayer For Renewal

Pure Glory

imagesby Hazel Straub

Today Lord, I open my heart to you and place all my broken places before you. Purify my heart and cleanse me from within of all my sin. I dedicate myself to you, today.

Thank you for a fresh start. Your ways are wonderful and I praise you for renewing my life. I glorify your name and praise you for a new day through Christ Jesus!

God made my life complete
when I placed all the pieces before him.
When I cleaned up my act,
he gave me a fresh start.

Indeed, I’ve kept alert to God’s ways;
I haven’t taken God for granted.
Every day I review the ways he works,
I try not to miss a trick.

I feel put back together,
and I’m watching my step.
God rewrote the text of my life
when I opened the book of my heart to his eyes. (2…

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